We are committed to the cause of improved quality of life through improved healthcare outcomes. As such, we strongly value the growth and improvement of all healthcare systems including those of local, regional, and global communities.

In light of this commitment, America's Life Savers is proud to partner with Operation Endeavor in its global operations providing life saving healthcare education.

OPERATION ENDEAVOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit M99+ missioned to provide training in rescue, emergency medicine and trauma, while supporting public health and safety, EMS system development, and disaster preparedness in developing regions of the world - where men, women and children live under the shadows of untimely death from traumatic injury, disease, disaster, war refugee displacement, disparity and extreme poverty. 

The America's Life Savers / Operation Endeavor partnership is currently centered on Strategic Areas of Focus in the Caribbean and Central America.  Our joint teams are conducting training missions, providing rescue and emergency medical equipment, and connecting with local governments and institutions to foster and guide the growth of EMS and rescue systems where there are none.